6-8 March 2017
Conrad Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Multi-Streamed Conference

Stream 1: Masterplanning & Sustainable Design

This stream will look at introducing modern vertical design in high-rise buildings whilst maintaining the heritage feel and local community values. Learn how to unlock the commercial potential using innovative designs to develop super slender tall buildings with efficient spatial planning and adequate access to public spaces. Learn how to leverage on modular architecture and diagrid designs to maximize space, and achieve density while retaining livability. Discover new and alternative building typologies to tall buildings with futuristic layouts and place making strategies to create thriving vertical communities.  

Stream 2: Structural Engineering & Construction

This stream addresses the structural challenges and factors that affect the engineering and construction of the future skyscrapers in the current global marketplace. Learn to optimize the structural and foundation design, as well as, latest prefabrication and modular construction techniques that can allow you to erect tall buildings quickly and efficiently. Discover how to design efficient vertical mobility with adequate access and circulation within the building with the latest vertical transportation systems. Leverage on case studies exploring wind engineering, aerodynamic designs, airflow ventilation and other engineering challenges to draw on experience in the construction of high-rise structures.  

Stream 3: Smart Materials, Facades & Technologies

This stream focuses on how to lower operations costs by incorporating high quality building materials and cost-effective ways to build tall buildings, whilst speeding up the entire construction process. Learn how to incorporate energy-efficient technologies and smart building systems to minimise carbon footprint and future maintenance costs.Explore other means of alternative building materials that can help to lower the overall construction costs, enhance productivity and increase the delivery of these projects for greater ROI. This stream also looks at incorporating enhanced designs and fire resistant materials to increase resiliency for durability of your tall buildings. Also, leverage on cutting-edge faƧade designs, models and technologies to develop high-performance skyscrapers.

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